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ESI Registration

Easily register your Company/Firm/Business & Employees under the ESI Act, 1948. Get a free consultation with us before registration.

Any factory or Company/Firm/Business having 10 or more employees has to register under the ESI Act of 1948. It is applicable to all the Company/Firms/Businesses, including Private Educational Institutions (those run by individuals, trustees, societies or other organizations and Medical Institutions (including Corporate, Joint Sector, trust, charitable, and private ownership hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathological labs). ESIC Contributions must be submitted by generating a monthly contribution challan for all employees having a gross salary of Rs.21,000 per month or below.

It is applicable to all Factories Employing 10 or more persons, irrespective of whether their power is in use or not, shops, Hotels, Restaurants, cinemas, including Preview theatres, roof motor transport undertakings, and newspapers.

Documents/Details Required For ESI Registration by Email or WhatsApp :-

Copy of PAN No. of Company (If Pvt Ltd, Partnership firm and LLP)

Partnership Deed or CIN certificate of the Establishment for limited companies (if Applicable)

Copy of GST Certificate (if available)

Copy of Shop & Establishment Certificate (if available)

Copy of any other License and Document issued by Govt. Authority

Copy of PAN of Directors/Partners/Proprietor

Copy of address Proof of Directors/Partners/Proprietor

2 Mobile Numbers and email IDs of the Employer for registration on portals.

OTP will be required during Registration on the portal and submission of the application

Employment Strength and Date of Applicability of ESI Act 1948 on the Establishment

After successful registration, We provide the ESI Registration Certificate (C-11) and Login credentials.

Employers may obtain the ESIC Registration for branches/units/locations, which is called a Sub-unit in the ESIC Act. A sub-unit makes it easier to maintain the ESIC data of Employees as per the work Location/Branch, like generating separate Challans and ESIC pehchaan cards, etc.

It is also helpful for Employers and Employees to deal with the ESIC local Office/branch Office near their Work area. Both don’t need to contact the ESIC branch office of the Main Unit/main code. Submission of all documents and correspondence can be handled by the allotted ESIC branch offices.

Our Fee is Rs. 2299/—for the ESI Registration service (GST Exclusive). You may visit the Pricing section to learn the Pricing of all the services provided by us. As per the company’s requirement, we also visit the company for a meeting and to collect documents.

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